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Estate Planning

estate-planningPlanning for the future is very important and you must safeguard yourself so that you can still stay in control.

A Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian are just as important as making a Will.  A Will covers us when we die but what happens if we get sick or unable to manage our assets or lifestyle.  Let us help you map your life in the event of an accident, illness and age.


Appointing an Attorney to assist you in a variety of circumstances is something you should consider. You may appoint an Attorney to oversee the financial management aspect of your life. Some circumstances where you may require an Attorney:-

If you are leaving the state and want someone you trust to manage your affairs while you are gone

To take over your financial affairs in the event that you are injured or have an illness


An Enduring Guardian or a “living will’ is essentially a way in ensuring that should you not have the mental capacity due to an injury or illness you can stay in control of your lifestyle. This document allows you to plan your life style and health decisions should you lose the capacity to do so later.

You can authorise your Enduring Guardian to exercise the following functions on your behalf:

(a) To decide where you live.

(b) To decide what health care you receive.

(c) To decide what other personal services you receive.

(d) To give consent to the carrying out of any minor or major medical or dental treatment on you in accordance with Part 5 of the Guardianship Act 1987.

Let us help you in identifying the type of service you will need so that you have peace of mind whether you are out of town or whether you can no longer manage your affairs yourself.

Don’t leave it until it is too late.

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