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Family Law

family-law-smlOur Family Law team understands both the emotional and financial costs associated with a family law dispute.

We begin by identifying the nature of our clients’ family law disputes and thus offer our expert and friendly advice in an attempt to resolve the issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

We appreciate the trauma and anguish suffered by clients in a family law dispute regardless of how complex or simple the issues are.  In this regard we encourage clients to apply a sensible approach in resolving their disputes.

Family law matters can be emotionally and financially costly. We do all we can to encourage a resolution but failing that we do all that is necessary in representing our clients in court when resolutions are not forthcoming.

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services including:-

  • Divorce;
  • Property settlements (including superannuation and property trusts);
  • Children and parenting issues;
  • Child support and child support trust;
  • Planning and advisory services including asset restructures and protection;
  • Domestic Relationship (previously known as De facto partnership);
  • Financial settlements;
  • Dispute Resolutions and mediation.


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