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Fee Policies

Before we commence carrying out any work on your behalf we will issue you with a costs agreement and disclosure of our costs.

There are different types of costs agreement.

  1. Fixed costs

This means that you will be charged a fixed amount for the work done regardless of the outcome.

  1. Pay as you go

This means that you pay our costs as your matter progresses regardless of the outcome. In such instances we may also require you to pay in advance on account of professional fees and disbursements.

  1. Deferred professional fees

This means that you must pay all our disbursements as your matter progresses and pay our professional fees shortly before or soon after the completion of your matter regardless of the outcome.

  1. No Win/No Fee:

This means that if we are of the opinion that your case has good prospects of success we will not charge you our own professional fees unless you either win or settle your matter for an amount that is favourable to you. Such arrangements are available in matters such as:

  • serious injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Medical
  • Workplace Claims
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance claims