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Wills & Probate


A will is a legal document that names the people you want to receive your property and possessions at the date of your death. Your property and possessions include everything you own: your home, land, car, money in the bank, shares, jewellery, household contents, antiques, collections, intellectual property and so on.

For a will to be valid it must:

  • In writing – this includes handwritten, typed or printed;
  • Signed – ideally your signature should be at the end of the will;
  • Witnessed – two witnesses must be present when you sign your will or acknowledge it and they, too, must sign in your presence.

If your will is not made in this manner it may not be enforceable.

We don’t like to think about our mortality but it’s important to make sure that we get our affairs in order so that the ones that are left behind are not burdened with it.


A person that makes a Will has the right to leave their property and possession to whoever they want. However, sometimes people are not sufficiently provided for in the Will of their loved one.

Let us help you whether you believe that you have not been sufficiently provided for in a will or whether you are an executor and want to defend an estate.

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